5 simple ways to plan for your future at UQ


This year, the chances of getting into your dream degree are better than ever.

Why? Well, in 2008 the Queensland Government changed the school starting age. This meant that fewer Year 1 students started school in 2008, which now means that fewer Year 12 students are finishing school in 2019.

Fewer students means less competition and more opportunity. Now is your chance to aim high, and we’re here to help you prepare. We’ve put together 5 top tips to give your UQ application an edge.

1. Read the list of guaranteed OPs

It can be hard to plan for your future when you’re not sure what to aim for. Guaranteed OPs take some of the guesswork out of applying.

It works like this: we guarantee your place in a program if you get the guaranteed OP (or better). Even if you don’t get the guaranteed OP you might still get in – with fewer students applying this year, we might end up revising guaranteed OPs.

The benefit of guaranteed OPs is that as soon as you get your OP in December, you’ll know whether you got in to your preferred program, or whether you need to make a trip to OP Results Advice event to plan your next steps.

Download the list of Guaranteed OPs (PDF, 246.2 KB)

2. Scope out adjustment schemes

Getting into uni is hard – and can be even harder if you hit a few bumps in the road. We offer adjustment schemes to even out your path, making it possible for students to have a fair go.

Adjustment schemes can take your background, life events, and even the subjects you studied into consideration. For example, if you come from a rural background, you could get 2 adjustments added onto your entry rank. Studying a language other than English could be worth another 2 adjustments. It’s that easy.

Even better, guaranteed OPs include adjustment factors. That means you can have your entry score adjusted to meet the guaranteed OP for your preferred program.

Get the details and check if you’re eligible

3. Search for scholarships

Make your uni experience easier and more affordable with a UQ scholarship. There are plenty up for grabs, including the UQ Academic Scholarship Program.

This program rewards the hard work of high achieving Year 12 students. Apply once to be eligible for three different scholarships. You could pocket up to $12,000 per year towards your studies, which will definitely go a long way.

Of course, we offer a huge range of other scholarships based on everything from your sporting ability and background to the degree you’re interested in studying. Now’s the time to search your opportunities and take full advantage.

Scoop up a UQ scholarship

4. Come along to OP Results Advice

If your OP isn’t quite what you expected, don’t panic. We believe every OP is an opportunity. You’re still in the running for an amazing future, and our OP Results Advice event can help you plan the steps to get there.

Held in December after OP results are released, this event brings together staff from all areas of the University to answer your questions. This is your chance to ask about entry requirements and review pathways that can help you get into your preferred program.

Even if you’re happy with your OP, it’s still well worth coming along. You can talk to a UQ expert about your future or take a campus tour to get the lay of the land before you come study with us.

Read more about OP Results Advice

5. Get cosy with guaranteed accommodation

Moving house can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not familiar with Brisbane. We can help! Our guaranteed accommodation program can secure you a place to live – all you have to do is accept your offer and apply by the deadline.

Applications open in November 2019 and all UQ students – international, interstate, regional, even locals from Brisbane – are eligible. With your accommodation settled, you can spend those last few pre-semester weeks focusing on the important stuff: getting settled, making new friends and attending O-Week.

Find a guaranteed place to live

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