Make yourself at home

Having a place to call home is a big part of feeling settled at university.

For many students moving away from home is all part of the university experience. For others it’s a necessity because they live too far away to commute.

No matter what your reason, we’ve got plenty of options available to suit your needs. Below you'll find a range of options to choose from, as well as information and tips on how to decide where to live, budgeting, public transport options and costs, and advice on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

 11 on-campus residences

 Off-campus commercial providers

 Private rentals

Where to live

From on-campus residential colleges to off-campus student housing, or privately rented houses and units, you’ll find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

Colleges at UQ
Just a short walk away from the classroom, these vibrant residential communities offer a range of activities, accommodation and support to assist with your university journey.
Preferred providers
A complete list of preferred accommodation suppliers – many of whom specialise in student-only spaces – for those who want some time away from campus.
UQ Rentals
UQ Rentals features vacant rooms and properties that are suitable for UQ students. Owners, landlords, real estate agents and students use the site to advertise their vacancies.

College Associate Membership Program

If you want to enjoy the academic and social benefits of a residential college without living in one, you might like to think about the College Associate Membership Program.

Discover how to become a member

Pre-book short term accommodation

Be sure to arrange short term accommodation before you leave home! That way you can have a place to stay while you are inspecting properties and looking for a great place to call home for the long term.

Find out what's available

Guide to renting
If you have never rented in Queensland before, this guide will help you set up trouble-free rental arrangements, making your arrival in Brisbane as smooth as possible.
Brisbane suburbs guide
The UQ accommodation suburb guide has a comprehensive map showing travel time's by public transport to assist you in coordinating your trip to the UQ St Lucia campus.
Whether you are a new student or an existing student, these frequently asked questions should have all the information you need when finding your new accommodation.

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