• This information is for domestic prospective students. View "Admission schemes" for more information.


Who is eligible?

The Subject Incentive Scheme provides up to five adjustments towards your entry rank. This scheme is open to:

  • all students currently completing Year 12 in Australia (including International Baccalaureate students), and
  • Australian citizens currently completing an approved overseas senior matriculation program (assessed as equivalent to Queensland senior studies).

How does it work?

You may receive up to five adjustments towards your entry rank. Adjustments are allocated on the following basis:

  • Two adjustments for passing an approved language other than English.
  • Two adjustments for passing Queensland Senior Mathematics C (or equivalent as determined by UQ).
  • One adjustment for successfully completing a university-level enrichment course concurrently with your senior program (e.g. the Enhanced Studies Program).

Please note that adjustments are not added onto OP scores. Each OP score is converted to an entry rank – and adjustments are added to these.

Students are then assessed based on their new rank.

How do I apply?

For most students there is no need to apply for the Subject Incentive Scheme.

If you apply through QTAC, adjustments are automatically applied to your UQ preferences.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Adjustments for university-level enrichment studies – you must provide details and submit transcripts to QTAC as required.
  • If you’re an Australian citizen completing Year 12 overseas – you may need to provide curriculum details for your language and/or maths subjects.

For further information, please visit our Subject Incentive Scheme FAQs or contact us

The Subject Incentive Scheme does not apply to scholarships. If you apply for a scholarship, you are assessed based on your actual OP or entry rank.

How many adjustments can I earn?

If you're eligible for other schemes that offer adjustments, such as the Rural Access Scheme, please note that the maximum number of adjustments you can achieve across all schemes is capped at five. 

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