Deferring studies


To defer your studies means to delay the commencement of your program to a future semester (i.e. delay your first day in a program to a future semester).

How to defer your program

If you’re an international student and you want to defer you should:

Interrupting studies

If you have started your program and you want to take a break at the end of a semester, you will need to apply for an interruption

An interruption is different to deferring studies and you must seek advice from your faculty before applying. Taking an interruption can affect your student visa.

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Withdrawing from studies

Dropping a course or dropping out of a program are called withdrawing. You can withdraw from a single course or several courses – or from your entire program.

You must seek advice from your faculty before withdrawing from a course or from your program. Changing your study load can affect your student visa. Academic or financial penalties might also apply. 

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