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Deferring studies


To defer your studies means to delay the commencement of your program to a future semester (i.e. to delay your first day in a program to a future semester).

How do I defer my program?

If you’re an international student and you want to defer your studies you should:

What's the difference between "deferring", "interrupting" and "withdrawing"?

Informally, many students use the word “defer” to mean “take a temporary break from studies”.

Strictly speaking, if you have started your program and you want to take a break at the end of a semester, the correct word to use is “interruption”. It’s important to understand the distinction between deferring studies and interrupting studies, because they refer to quite different administrative processes.

Dropping a course or dropping out of a program are called "withdrawing". You can withdraw from a single course or several courses – or from your program.

You must seek advice from your faculty before taking an interruption or withdrawing from a course or from your program. Changing your study load can affect your student visa. Academic or financial penalties might also apply. 

Visit our Interrupting Studies and Withdrawing from a program or course pages for more information. 

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