The Cost of Attendance (CoA) is an estimate of your educational expenses based on your study period (award year), as determined by The University of Queensland.

The CoA will appear on your UQ Financial Aid Award Letter and will specify the total amount you may borrow under the Direct Loan Program minus any other aid (i.e. scholarships) you may be receiving for that award period.

All aid awarded to you under either the Direct Loan program, or a private loan, can't exceed your CoA.

If you believe that your CoA calculation doesn't accurately reflect your actual cost of attendance, please submit an appeal with all supporting documentation to the UQ Financial Aid Office. A successful appeal must align with the Federal Student Aid Policy and fit within a category described within the Federal Student Aid Handbook (PDF, 258KB).

Allowable costs

Allowable costs calculated in your annual CoA are detailed below. These figures are reviewed and updated annually.




Tuition fees

Dependent on your program of study – refer to your Letter of Offer from UQ Admissions


Living allowance

Includes room, board, personal expenses, transportation, book and supplies

$721 AUD per academic week


Dependent on length of your program – refer to your Letter of Offer from UQ Admissions


Program Related Expenses

Establishment Allowance (i.e. student visa, relocation flight, equipment etc.)**


Medical Student Expenses***

$3,750 AUD




*The living allowance for Ochsner Phase 2 students is $23,085 USD.
**One-off allowance awarded on first UQ Financial Aid Award Letter.
***These expenses are related to Medical students who are applying for residency programs only (i.e. exams, interviews, travel, and US health insurance (for 3rd and 4th year Ochsner students only)) .

Exchange rates

All amounts above are in Australian dollars (AUD) and are converted to US dollars (USD). The USD CoA appears on your UQ Financial Aid Award Letter.

A conversion between Australian and US dollars occurs on two separate occasions during your application process:

  1. On application the CoA is calculated in AUD and then converted to USD to calculate the eligible US Loan amount. The USD amount will appear on your UQ Financial Aid Award letter.
  2. The US Federal Government transfers the loan amounts to the University and the funds are converted again from USD to AUD on the date the funds are deposited into the University bank account. Your disbursement amount is then available to you from the first day of semester.

The two conversion points as explained above may result in variances to the loan amount due to exchange rate fluctuations between the USD and AUD.

As the two conversions above occur at different points during the year, each conversion will result in a rate risk due to movement in the USD / AUD exchange rate. It's the borrower’s responsibility to understand and accept this risk as part of studying at UQ and borrowing US Financial Aid. The University is unable to set any exchange rates.

For more information on how your US Loan Funds will be paid out, please contact the Financial Aid team at

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