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Non-award study is where you enrol in a course, but you are not officially enrolled in a program (i.e. a degree).

Non-award study is designed to let you pursue a personal interest, develop professional competence in an area of specialisation, or simply "test the waters".

Students attend lectures and tutorials, and are assessed and examined with other students, but without the long-term commitment of a degree.

Types of non-award study

At UQ international students can apply to undertake non-award study in one of two ways.

Non-award study program for international students

Our non-award ‘study program for international students’ is an upfront tuition fees program that allows international students to study individual courses. It's available to students enrolling in a full-time study load and meets the requirements to obtain a student visa.

You may enrol in a maximum of four courses per semester, with a total limit of eight courses undertaken as non-award study.

If you’re an international student studying at an overseas university / institution, please refer to the Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange website.

Part-time non-award study

Part-time non-award study is for students who wish to take less than three courses per semester (i.e. less than the full-time study load). Students pay individual course fees and are not eligible for a student visa. Students who wish to study part-time must have an alternative valid Australian visa that enables them to study in this way.

Find a course

Almost all UQ courses are available for non-award enrolment. Course offerings vary from semester to semester.

Non-Award entry into science courses is only approved in exceptional circumstances. Applications are assessed on a case-by-base basis.

The University's Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) also offers short term study programs in numerous discipline areas.

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If you successfully complete a non-award course, you do not automatically qualify for admission to a program at UQ. However, successfully completed non-award courses may be counted as credit towards a degree.

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