2. Entry requirements

Entry requirements vary from program to program. Some programs offer flexible entry pathways, while other programs require a four-year honours degree or more in a specific discipline for admission. 

All applicants have to meet the relevant entry requirements for admission to their preferred program. You can view entry requirements by going to the 'Program details' tab on each program page

Entry requirements for postgraduate programs can include:

Some programs have a quota, with limited places available. As entry for most quota programs is competitive, meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee admission. For non-quota programs, UQ offers places to all applicants who meet the program's minimum entry requirements.

Previous degree and discipline requirements

The previous study you need to have completed will depend on the program you want to study.

Most programs at UQ require applicants to have completed an approved degree equivalent to an Australian bachelor's degree. However, some programs offer alternative entry pathways where other relevant experience can be considered. This includes previous work experience.

Some of our programs also have discipline requirements. For these programs, we'll only accept previous study in specific disciplines. We require you to have completed this study, as it provides you with required foundational knowledge to succeed in your program.

We will assess all of your qualifications to determine if you meet the requirements for your preferred program.

Minimum GPA

At UQ, we use a 7 point grading scale, where a 4 is a pass and 7 is the highest grade. When assessing your qualifications, we will convert the grade you received in your previous studies to our grading scale. This sometimes involves recalculating your GPA.

Different institutions calculate GPAs with different methods. When calculating your GPA, we may exclude certain non-academic subjects and include all failing grades.

Our GPA equivalency guide can be used as a guide to help you find the minimum UQ GPA equivalencies for the country or region where you completed your bachelor's degree.

If your GPA doesn't meet the minimum requirement for the program you're interested in, you may receive an articulation offer, which could allow you to progress to the master's degree when you meet the GPA requirements.

English language proficiency requirements

All applicants must demonstrate that they have met our English language proficiency (ELP) requirements. For most UQ programs, you'll need to meet the standard ELP requirements. However, some programs have higher ELP requirements.

The ELP requirements are displayed under the 'Program details' tab on the program page.

There are many ways you can meet ELP requirements, including senior secondary or post-secondary study, English language tests and work experience.

For more information on ELP requirements at UQ, and ways to meet these requirements, see the English language proficiency requirements page.

If you meet the academic entry requirements for many of our programs, but need further English language study to meet the ELP requirements, you can apply for a package offer. Package offers include English language studies at UQ-ICTE and a conditional offer of admission to a UQ program.

Other program-specific requirements

Some UQ programs require specific work experience as well as academic qualifications. A small number of others have additional requirements such as an interview, aptitude test, referee reports or professional registration.

Carefully check each program page for specific application requirements. These will be listed under the 'Program details' tab on the program page.

How your application is assessed

All UQ qualifications are aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our International Admissions team will review your qualification to check that it meets the requirements of the program you're interested in.

We also refer to the reputation or ranking of your institution and the National Office for Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR). This ensures your academic background meets Australian standards as well as the subject or discipline requirements of a UQ program.

Inherent requirements

Some programs also have inherent requirements you must meet to be able to graduate. These requirements are core activities, tasks or skills that are essential to the program.

Before applying for a program with inherent requirements, it’s important to read through them carefully and think about whether you’ll be able to meet them.

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See something that needs editing? Let us know.

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