2. Entry requirements

Entry requirements for postgraduate coursework study are flexible and vary from program to program.

Some programs don't require any previous study, while others may require a four-year honours degree or more.

All applicants have to meet the relevant entry requirements for admission to their preferred program.

This requirements might include:

An acceptable academic qualification may need to be in the same discipline as your chosen UQ program.

Specific entry requirements for postgraduate coursework programs are listed under 'Program Details' on each program page.

A small number of programs have a quota, and competition for placement is high. It is therefore possible to meet the minimum entry requirements, but not be offered a place. For programs without a quota, UQ offers places to all applicants who meet the program's entry and English language proficiency requirements.


Some disciplines are offered in program suites, which begin at graduate certificate level and progress to master's level (or beyond). As a general rule:

  • a graduate certificate is the equivalent of one semester of full-time study
  • a graduate diploma is the equivalent of one year of full-time study
  • a master's by coursework may take between one year and two years of full-time study and usually (although not always) includes a research component.

Some disciplines also offer master's programs of varying lengths – usually either 16 units, 24 units, or 32 units. For example the following programs are available:

  • Master of Biotechnology (16 unit)
  • Master of Biotechnology (24 unit)
  • Master of Biotechnology (32 unit).

The number of units reflects how many courses need to be completed to satisfy the program's requirements. At UQ, most courses are 2 units each.

If you are trying to choose between different programs in a suite, pay careful attention to entry requirements.

The difference between a 16-unit master's program and a 24-unit master's program isn't always just length. The programs may also have different entry requirements.

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