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3. Pathways

We recognise not everyone takes the same path to postgraduate study. For some, it’s a natural progression after completing an undergraduate degree. For others, it is an opportunity to build on years of professional experience, or perhaps change careers completely, whether having studied at undergraduate level or not.

We're here to help you find the best pathway to suit your requirements.

Pathways to coursework masters

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for admission to your preferred program, we will consider you, where possible, for an 'articulation offer'. This is a way for you to pathway to a coursework masters.

Many of our coursework programs have a "nested" qualification structure, meaning graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and masters programs are available in the same field of study.

You could decide to start with a graduate certificate (or a graduate diploma, if appropriate) and progress to a coursework masters degree. This provides flexible entry and exit points, allowing you to start modestly and build on each qualification as you go.

Graduate certificates and graduate diplomas are not eligible for Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) unless they are part of an articulation offer.

Your study pathway will depend on your program and faculty. Please see the academic program you are interested in studying for specific pathway alternatives, or contact us for more information.

English language proficiency pathways

To succeed at UQ, you will need excellent English language skills. If you meet all the academic entry requirements for your preferred program, but need further English language training to satisfy our English language proficiency requirements, you can follow one of our English language pathways through the Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ).

Learn more about english language pathways

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See something that needs editing? Let us know.

Dictionary of UQ Terminology

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When you come to university you will hear a lot of new terms: here is an explanation of some of them.

Dictionary of UQ Terminology

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