3. Pathways

We recognise not everyone takes the same path to postgraduate study. For some, it’s a natural progression after completing an undergraduate degree. For others, it is an opportunity to build on years of professional experience or perhaps change careers completely, whether having undertaken undergraduate study before or not.

Pathways to coursework masters

If you’re not offered a place in your preferred masters program, or don’t meet the entry requirements for admission directly, you can potentially choose to pathway from a graduate certificate and/or graduate diploma.

Many of our coursework programs have a "nested" qualification structure, meaning graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, and masters programs are frequently available to study in progression.

Start with a graduate certificate, progress to a graduate diploma, then to a coursework masters. This provides flexible entry and exit points, allowing you to start modestly and build on each qualification as you go.

Your study pathway will depend on your program and faculty. Please see the academic program you are interested in studying for specific pathway alternatives, or contact UQ Admissions.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Higher Education Accreditation Scheme

UQ will consider requests for entry on the basis of Australian Defence Force (ADF) education and training. Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for select programs.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Higher Education Accreditation Scheme

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See something that needs editing? Let us know.



Applying to UQ

To apply directly to UQ, create an applicant account and complete all details requested in the application form, attaching all required documentation as per the program entry requirements and any other additional information requests.

Apply directly to UQ

QTAC applications

To apply for the Diploma in Arts, Diploma in Science, Graduate Diploma in Education, Master of Teaching (Primary) or Master of Nursing Studies, submit your application online through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Apply to QTAC

Dictionary of UQ Terminology

What does that mean?

When you come to university you will hear a lot of new terms: here is an explanation of some of them.

Dictionary of UQ Terminology

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