5. Fees

Going to university is a big financial commitment, but don’t let the cost of study deter you. You are supported in numerous ways to ensure you receive the education you deserve.

Student contribution amounts

Domestic undergraduate places for commencing UQ students are Commonwealth Supported.

Commonwealth Supported students don't pay full fees – the Australian Government subsidises about 60 per cent of your course fees.

To reflect the fact that Commonwealth Supported students don't pay full fees, the fees you do incur are called "student contributions" or "student contribution amounts".

Student contributions vary from year to year and depend on the courses you choose – not the program you are enrolled in.

To help you estimate your costs, we’ve put together a complete list of indicative annual fees for undergraduate coursework programs. These are displayed on each program page.

Indicative annual fees are based on average first-year enrolment data. If you multiply the indicative fee by the number of years in the program, you can calculate an approximate total cost.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Most Australian universities charge a compulsory annual Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF).

The SSAF is used to fund for non-academic services for students, including sports and recreation, employment and careers advice, child care, and food services.

The maximum annual fee is $303 for 2019. UQ charges the SSAF according to your mode of attendance (internal/external) and enrolment load (full-time/part-time). The fee is indexed annually.

Other expenses

Going to university often means paying for a range of different things, including accommodation, books and study materials, transport and parking.

To help you budget, check out our living costs guide to see what an average student can expect.

See something that needs editing? Let us know.

See something that needs editing? Let us know.

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