7. How to apply

UQ has two intakes per year for admission to undergraduate programs:

  • Semester One – major intake for admission to all undergraduate programs
  • Semester Two – mid-year intake for admission to a select number of undergraduate programs.

Applying through QTAC

Domestic applications for admission to all undergraduate programs are made online through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

If you are not a current Year 12 applicant, you will be asked to include details of any previous studies and any subsequent tertiary study (e.g. university or TAFE studies). If you believe your work experience is relevant to your application, please provide supporting documentation.

Ordering your preferences

You can list up to six preferences on your QTAC application. Nominating a program in all six places will give you the best possible opportunity of receiving an offer to study.

It is essential you order your preferences carefully, as you can only receive one offer, which will be for your highest eligible preference. The table below details QTAC’s recommendations for ordering preferences.



Ideal programs

These are the courses you would really like to study even though your chances of gaining entry may not be assured.


Realistic programs

These courses are less competitive. Realistically, they should provide another way to the career you want or to a second choice career. They can be used to upgrade to your "ideal" course.


Foot-in-the-door programs

These courses are the ones you are prepared to do if you miss out on all the others. They should be courses that in the past have been quite easy to get into (especially the 6th preference). They can help you upgrade.

If your preferences have different major offer rounds, you'll need to order them according to the major offer round dates. For example, if January is the major offer round for your first preference, and December is the major offer round for your second preference, you will not be considered for a place in your second preference as offers for it are released prior to your first preference being assessed. Refer to QTAC Preferences for more information.

Closing date for applications

Each round of QTAC applications have a specific closing date for on-time applications. You can still lodge your QTAC application after this date; however, you will be charged a late fee.

See QTAC key dates for more information on the upcoming round of QTAC applications.

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See something that needs editing? Let us know.

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