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Queensland students

I'm a current Year 12 student eligible for an OP. How are bonus points applied?

Your OP will be converted to an entry rank and any bonus points are added onto this rank. You will then be considered for admission to UQ on the basis of your new entry rank.

OP to rank conversions change from year to year, based on the performance of that year's student cohort. Contact us for more information.

Interstate students

I'm completing my secondary studies interstate and will receive an ATAR. Can I still get bonus points?

Yes. Your ATAR will be converted to a QTAC selection rank and any bonus points will be added to this rank.

Non-school leavers

I'm not a current Year 12 school leaver – I completed studies in 2013 (or before). Can I get bonus points for completing a foreign language or Maths C through Senior External Examinations?

No. Unfortunately, you aren’t eligible for the bonus scheme – it's only for students who are currently completing Year 12.

Language Other Than English (LOTE) bonus points

Which language subjects qualify for bonus points?

LOTE authority subjects offered by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) qualify for the LOTE bonus. Equivalent subjects from other approved senior programs are also eligible. 

Can I get the LOTE bonus if the LOTE subject I am completing is my native language?

Yes. The LOTE bonus is available to eligible students for any QCAA LOTE subject (or equivalent), regardless of your first language.

Doctor of Medicine (Provisional Entry)

If bonus points increase my rank to 99 (i.e. the equivalent of an OP 1), am I eligible for entry to the Doctor of Medicine? 

Yes. If the addition of bonus points lifts your entry rank to 99, you are eligible for admission to the MD (Provisional Entry). 

Students with an OP 1 or Entry Rank 99

How does the bonus points scheme help me?

If you achieved an OP 1 before the addition of any bonus points, the Bonus Rank Scheme will not change or affect your admission.

The programs that require OP1 / Entry Rank 99 include the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours). In these programs, UMAT scores are also used to assess students. Bonus points do not apply to UMAT scores.

OP-ineligible students

I'm completing Year 12 in Queensland this year, but will not be qualifying for an OP. QTAC informs me that my entry rank will be calculated based on my subject results and performance in the Queensland Core Skills Test. As I’m not getting an OP, can I still qualify for bonus points?

Yes, you can have bonus points added onto the OP-ineligible entry rank calculated by QTAC.

Visit the QTAC website for more information about how your OP-ineligible rank is calculated. 

Less than four semesters of eligible subjects

Will I get bonus points if I have completed less than four semester units in LOTE and/or Maths C?

No. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the bonus points scheme. Bonus points are only available if you have completed four semesters of Sound Achievement or higher (or equivalent).

I completed the equivalent of Year 11 overseas and have moved to Queensland this year. I have been told I will get an OP because the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has given me credit for my Year 11 studies. Will I still get the bonus points considering I have completed only two semesters in Queensland?

Yes. If the QCAA has determined you have covered the relevant content overseas and you are eligible for an OP, then you are also eligible for the bonus points scheme.

UQ Bonus Rank Scheme

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