4. Pathways and bridging

If your entry score isn't what you hoped for – or if you don't meet a program's entry requirements – we offer a range of options to help you on your way.

The four main pathways and bridging options are:


Upgrading involves improving your entry score or meeting subject prerequisites by studying an alternative UQ program.

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UQ College

UQ College offers study options for school leavers and adult learners who want to go to university, but may not have the necessary entry requirements.

Associate Degree in Business 

If you complete the Associate Degree in Business with a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 (on a 7-point scale), you may be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Business Management and receive 24 units of credit (three semesters full-time).

The associate degree is also a stand-alone qualification.

Tertiary Preparation Program

The Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) will build your confidence and help you gain the necessary skills to improve your QTAC ranking for future undergraduate studies.

The TPP is an approved bridging program and is delivered full-time across 28 weeks, commencing in January, May or September. There are no tuition fees for the TPP. 

Intensive courses

UQ College also delivers courses in mathematics, biology and chemistry across four weeks in November / December each year.

If you successfully complete these courses you will satisfy UQ’s prerequisites for Maths A and B, biology and chemistry. Results are made available in time for the January QTAC offer round.

For more information, download the UQ College Guide or visit the UQ College website.

Bridging programs

Successfully completing an approved bridging program is another pathway to university study.

You can use a bridging course to:

  • satisfy a subject prerequisite
  • get an entry rank
  • gain foundational knowledge in a selected area
  • prepare for future tertiary study.

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Alternative entry

If you didn't complete Year 12, didn't achieve the required entry score for your preferred program, or if you are a mature-aged applicant, you may be eligible for alternative entry pathways.

Alternative entry lets you to apply for admission on the basis of skills gained throughout your life and work experience. These can improve your chances of getting into a program.

Two options are available:

Alternative entry is not suitable for applicants who have completed at least one full-time year of bachelor's level study (or higher), or for applicants who are completing Year 12 in the year of tertiary application.

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Dictionary of UQ Terminology

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When you come to university you will hear a lot of new terms: here is an explanation of some of them.

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