Deferring your QTAC offer


If you applied through QTAC to commence a program in Semester 1, you can delay the commencement of your program (i.e. to delay your first day in a program) for up to one year. Offers for mid-year entry (i.e. Semester 2 entry) cannot be deferred.

Can I defer?

You are eligible to defer if you have:

  • Received an offer for a UQ program that is not on the deferment exclusion list.
  • Not yet enrolled in courses for your UQ program.
  • Not already deferred your offer (i.e. you cannot defer the same offer more than once).

How do I defer?

Respond to your offer through QTAC by the specified due date and indicate your intention to defer. More information is available on the QTAC website

After you have responded to your offer, you will receive a confirmation from the University in March during the first year of your deferment.

It is important that you do not enrol (i.e. add courses) until you are ready to commence your studies after your period of deferment.

If you have already accepted your offer but now wish to defer, please contact Admissions on 07 3365 2203 or email admissions@uq.edu.au. Note, if classes have commenced it is too late to defer.

During the deferment period

If you have deferred your studies you are not officially a UQ student. This means you cannot:

  • attend classes,
  • access the Library or academic and student support services,
  • access UQ systems and online student resources, or
  • receive a UQ student card.

Your deferred offer will be cancelled if you enrol in a program or another higher level course at a tertiary institution (including UQ) during the deferment period.

If the University discontinues your program during the deferment period, you may be unable to commence studies in the deferred program. UQ will write to you advising alternative study options; however, you will have to re-apply through QTAC. 

Commencing study after a deferment

In order to take up your deferred place, you are required to enrol (i.e. add at least one course) by early December, as per the instructions outlined in your deferment email. Enrolments will open in mySI-net in mid-November each year.

Please note that completing tasks listed under mySI-Net Tasks is not the same as enrolling in a course.

If you deferred an offer before 2016, a two-year deferment period may still apply. For more information, please contact Admissions on (07) 3365 2203 or email admissions@uq.edu.au

How do I enrol?

  1. Log in to mySI-net using your username and password.
  2. Complete any outstanding mySI-net tasks.
  3. Access your First Year Planner and Enrolment Guidelines via Starting at UQ.
  4. Choose your courses.
  5. Enrol in at least one course via mySI-net (select the "Courses" tab after you have logged in).

If you cannot remember or locate your UQ username and password, please contact Information Technology Services.

Your deferred offer will be cancelled if you do not enrol in at least one course by the specified due date.

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