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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
Careers that Started in Science

Careers that Started in Science

Discover where a career in science can take you.

Event sessions

Discover where a career in science can take you with our webinar series.

Graduates from STEM fields are among the most in-demand globally. What do you need to know about the jobs in this fast-growing sector and how can you gain the skills to do them?

Talk to our experts and discover how their careers in science started and what kinds of new and exciting roles they think you could be doing in 2030 and beyond.

Who can attend

  • Domestic or international future students aged 15 or over
  • Mature-aged students
  • Parents and guardians
  • Careers advisors
  • Teachers and principals.

Webinar session details

  • Careers in Maths and Physics webinar – Passionate about maths and physics? Let’s bust some myths and get excited about maths and physics careers. Meet some inspiring professionals in numbers-based jobs who are finding solutions for a range of global challenges.
  • Careers in Research webinar – Passionate about science? Join our panel of researchers as they reveal their lives as scientists and see if you have what it takes to put your passion into practice.
  • Careers Working with Animals webinar – Think you know what an animal scientist does? Explore the diversity of roles that work with animals and how to score a gig.
  • Careers in Marine Science webinar – Take a deep dive with marine scientists working in research, government and industry and see how you can tackle climate change, conservation, renewable energy and food security.
  • Careers in Biotechnology webinar – Want to create new products and start global businesses? Biotechnology can take you there. Discover the emerging opportunities in healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, environmental, diagnostics, law and commerce.
  • Careers in Agriculture webinar – Think all agriculture jobs are on the farm? Agriculture, plant science, animal production or agribusiness open up in-demand careers in the city and internationally.
  • Careers in Occupational Health and Safety webinar – Save people on a daily basis! Every day, occupational health and safety scientists create safer workplaces for everyone. See why these roles are in high demand and even more highly paid.
  • Careers in Food Science and Technology webinar – How will we create new types of food and produce more of it to feed the world? Find out which careers and scientific disciplines will make you part of the solution.
  • Careers in Earth and Environmental Sciences webinar – Who will manage population booms, climate change adaptation and design our cities to cope? Hear from the geographers, planners, earth scientists and environmental managers on how to get skilled up to manage the future.

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