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A student taking notes in front of her laptop screen.

Staying connected: sustaining relationships during the shift to online learning

Practical steps to connect with your students and help students connect with each other during COVID-19.

How do you engage learners in a digital platform?

Human learning is not a detached, purely cognitive process but is also social and emotional; and the relationships between teacher and students and among students play a significant role in learning.

In the classroom, interaction provides opportunities to build positive relationships through face-to-face, shared teaching and learning experiences. But how can we sustain these relationships in an online environment?

This webinar explores some practical strategies that classroom teachers can use to foster important learning relationships – to stay connected to their students and help students to stay connected to one another.

What's involved

  • Lecture by Dr Katherine McLay, an expert in learner engagement with technology
  • Live Q&A with Dr McLay and Professor Robyn Gillies
  • Information on UQ’s Master of Educational Studies for those looking for formal professional development.

Who should attend

  • Teachers and facilitators
  • University graduates
  • Current university students.

Keynote presenter

Dr Katherine McLay is a Lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Queensland. Before transitioning to the tertiary sector, Katherine taught secondary school English in public and independent schools in Queensland and has experience as a Head of English in Queensland and Victoria.

She is a sociocultural scholar whose research interests include dialogic pedagogy, and the identity issues that arise from learner engagement with technology.

Additionally, Katherine’s teaching role has led to research exploring the professional identity development of preservice teachers, both generally and in relation to technology. Katherine is a member of the editorial team for Qwerty: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education.

Katherine will be joined by Professor Robyn Gillies for the Q&A component of the webinar. Robyn is the Director of Postgraduate Education in the School of Education.

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