Prerequisites are intended to ensure you have an appropriate level of basic knowledge to successfully start a program.

All bachelor's degrees at UQ have English as a prerequisite. Many bachelor's degrees also have mathematics and/or science prerequisites. You can view a program's prerequisites on the 'Program details' tab of each program page.

During the application process, we will use terminology that is specific to the state of Queensland to refer to various prerequisites.

To view the interstate or overseas equivalents of Queensland prerequisites,  consult the following:

Australian high school subject equivalents Overseas high school subject equivalents

Prerequisite pathways

If you haven't met the prerequisites for your preferred programs, don't worry. There are different ways you can satisfy prerequisite requirements for undergraduate programs.

You may be able to take an equivalent bridging subject, tertiary preparation subject, or university subject:

Bridging and preparatory study equivalents (PDF, 84.3 KB)University subject equivalents (PDF, 67.6 KB)Senior external examinations

If you have any questions about prerequisites, contact:

Domestic students
UQ Admissions
Phone: (07) 3365 2203

International students
UQ International Admissions

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