Arriving in Brisbane


The adventure has begun! Apart from practising your "G'day Mate" and preparing to be welcomed into Australia, you might want to consider the following when planning your arrival.

It’s best to arrive in Australia at least two to three weeks before semester starts. This gives you time to arrange suitable accommodation and to adjust to life in Brisbane.

Before you leave home, book temporary accommodation for your arrival and first weeks in Brisbane. This will give you time to inspect long-term accommodation options in person before classes begin. 

Brisbane airport

Flights to Australia depart from all major international cities, with the main gateway to Queensland being Brisbane Airport, servicing 30 airlines flying to 79 international destinations.

Upon arriving in Brisbane, there are many different ways to, from and around Brisbane Airport, which sits roughly 12 kilometres from Brisbane's CBD.

There are nine other international airports in Australia, most which have regular connecting flight services to Brisbane. A popular alternative to Brisbane Airport is to fly into the Gold Coast Airport, from which shuttle, bus and rail options are available.

UQ airport reception service

To travel from the airport to your accommodation, you can use UQ’s airport pick-up service from Brisbane Airport. This service is only available to students commencing their studies. Bookings need to be made a minimum of three working days in advance.

Use our online booking system to arrange your pick-up service before you arrive.

Additional passengers who accompany a UQ student that are not eligible for the airport reception service will be required to pay a pick-up fee. Further information regarding any additional charges is provided during the booking process.

Additional charges for some destinations may apply to your booking.

Quarantine, customs and goods to declare

When you enter Australia you must complete an incoming passenger card and declare whether you're carrying any food or plant material and animal products. Australian customs and quarantine regulations restrict you from bringing certain items into the country.

Before you travel, find out what you can and can’t take into Australia:

If you are carrying any restricted or quarantined items – including food, medication, wooden material, plant material or animal products – you must declare them. Alternatively, you can place them in the quarantine bins when you arrive at the airport.


The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service does not currently have any restrictions on the amount of money you bring into or take out of Australia, whether it is cash, cheque, money order or any other form. However, amounts of AU$10,000 or more, or equivalent in foreign currency, must be declared on departure and arrival. Failure to declare is an offence and can result in serious penalties.

We advise you bring the equivalent of at least AU$250 in cash with you into Australia. The easiest option is to change money into Australian currency while still in your home country – this will make your arrival process much smoother.

Students arriving late

If you can't commence by the start date on your Letter of Offer, you must apply for and be granted in writing an agreed new start date by UQ. This late start is not usually permitted after the first week of classes.

You should contact UQ International Admissions at iaslatearrivals@uq.edu.au to request a late start. You must provide a reason for the late start and the date by which you would be able to begin classes.

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