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Hi, my name is Anjali Rangnekar and I studying the Master of Environmental Management at The University of Queensland.

Why did I choose to study in Australia?

I had been to Australia on a holiday before and fell in love with the people and the place.

For someone like me, who belongs to a fast paced metropolitan city looking to study overseas, Australia is the best of both worlds. While on a holiday one obviously never gets as immersed into the lifestyle as someone living here, I know I made the right choice.

People are helpful, loving and warm. The lifestyle is laid back yet professional when it comes to work. My culture is a big identity of who I am, so it was imperative I move to a country that embraces different cultures and Australia did just that. 

Why did I choose UQ? 

The University of Queensland offered a range of courses in my field of animal/environmental study. While I was sure I wanted to focus on animal science, UQ allowed me to do courses such as Animal Behaviour and Physiology alongside Ecology, thus letting me expand what was initially a very niche field of study. 

The world-class educational facilities dragged me back when I wanted to get a higher degree. Having already experienced the advantages of studying in UQ during my Bachelors, I am now in first year of my Master of Environmental Management program.

Alongside the academic benefits, there are awards for students who participate in extra-curricular activities, promoting opportunities for a more holistic growth. I genuinely think such an experience coupled with courses at UQ that offer real-world education, will make me a much more confident and employable graduate.

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