Brian Wong, Hong Kong


Hi, my name is Brian and I studied at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Brian Wong and I studied a Bachelor of Communication at The University of Queensland.

What was good about the program and why would you recommend it?

Studying a Bachelor of Communication at UQ was amazing because the program offered a perfect balance between theory and practice.

Most of the teaching staff have worked previously as communication professionals, journalists or public relations practitioners, and they all offered insightful opinions and comments during the lectures.

Professors and postgraduate students also conduct research that provides valuable insight into the forever-changing industry.

The Bachelor of Communication also encourages students to not only take subjects on theory, but also offers internships or field trips for practical experience. I took all these experiences with me and carried them into my daily work.

Why did you choose UQ?

To me, UQ is one of the best universities in Queensland, Australia. UQ has a strong academic reputation, is home to world-class research, and it also offers a lot of opportunities in practical areas in its programs. It also has a very diverse student base, and I enjoyed the multinational culture at UQ.

Also, UQ has a stunning campus in St Lucia and I almost instantly fell in love with it when I was choosing which university to study with!

What did you think of studying and living in Brisbane? 

Brisbane is a very vibrant place. It is relatively quiet when compared to Sydney or Melbourne, but Brissie has its own beauty too. For example, the Brisbane River and South Bank next to it offer a large interactive place where people can go to relax or enjoy a movie or musical.

The Gold Coast is also just an hour’s drive away, which is where some of the best beaches in the world are. Nearby zoos and Brisbane’s suburbs are also home to a lot of Australian animals that my friends and I could not get enough of seeing!

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