Carmen Chan, Malaysia


Hi, my name is Carmen and I studied at The University of Queensland
Hi, my name is Carmen and I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at The University of Queensland? 

I chose to study at UQ because of its prestigious reputation as one of the top universities in Australia. 

What are the best things about your program and about UQ? 

I love that UQ’s Bachelor of Commerce program is holistic and aims to tackle as many aspects as they can so students will be prepared to take on technical challenges in the workplace. The lecturers are also clearly knowledgeable and experienced. 

What have you liked most about living in Brisbane? 

I love how Brisbane embraces multiculturalism in different ways: through food, people and the festivals. Brisbane is also not far from beautiful natural landscapes and national parks. 

How would you describe your UQ study experience and how will it empower you to create change? 

My UQ study experience was tough at first, because we had to adapt to living here in Brisbane, and being independent meant that we had to make new friends and study buddies. 

However, my learning experience here has been great with the help of my lecturers who were eager to help. The libraries and other facilities here are also very well equipped and helped me tremendously. 

Have you been involved in any social activities or extra-curricular activities at UQ? 

I have joined many student associations such as the Financial Management Association of Australia, the UQ Marketing and Advertising Society and the UQ Photography Society. Of course, I have also not forgotten my roots and joined the UQ Malaysian Student Association and I’m currently a Student Leader for Mates@UQ.  

Have you undertaken any work experience or internships? 

I’m currently working as a Marketing Coordinator for UQ Idea Hub, which is a practical, hands-on program that provides aspiring student entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to conceive a startup.

It’s been a rewarding experience, not only because I am connected to a large network of budding student entrepreneurs, but also because I’m learning so much about digital marketing and developing strategies.

What advice would you give students from your home country who are considering UQ as their study destination? 

I would advise students to get out of their comfort zone and spread their wings. Join student associations, meet new friends and don’t be afraid of change! UQ is a good environment to expand your network and get involved because there are so many activities here that students can join. 

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