Delphine Chan, Mauritius


Hi, my name is Delphine and I studied at The University of Queensland
Hi, my name is Delphine and I studied a Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ? 

UQ was my first choice – it’s one of Australia’s most praised institutions and is internationally recognised.

They have experienced staff promoting an interactive teaching style where students are encouraged to push themselves to their greatest potential. UQ graduates are also highly sought-after by employees. 

How would you describe your UQ experience?

UQ makes uni life easier – the campus has all the facilities a student could require, making it almost like a small village.

UQ prepares graduates in every possible way to enter the workforce, providing students with various career advice, workshops, events and programs.

This allows students to gain knowledge and skills as well as opportunities to network with key industry players. The strong academic basis, and the various facilities available at UQ, ensure students can enjoy a holistic experience that will not only get them job ready, but also allow them to grow on a personal level.

What are the best things about your program at UQ? 

My program has been an enjoyable experience. The teachers are skilled, experienced and empathetic. They are also very interactive in their way of teaching, ensuring all students participate. Especially in the tutorials. 

What have you liked most about living in Brisbane? 

‘Brisbanites’ are very friendly people – always ready to help a lost student! There is a very laid-back atmosphere here, with high quality fresh produce available and agreeable weather. Brisbane has an efficient and reliable public transport too. In general, life is affordable in Brisbane.

How would you describe your UQ study experience and how will it empower you to create change? 

My experience with UQ so far has been very good. It’s so much more than what I expected. While there are numerous challenges I’m glad that I chose UQ. I enjoy my program, the teaching staff, the facilities offered, the friends I made along the way and the whole atmosphere on campus. I am proud to be a UQ student. 

What advice would you give people from other countries about studying at UQ?

Go for it! Studying abroad is a life-changing experience and somehow it almost feels like home with so many international students making up the multicultural community of UQ.  

If you ever miss speaking French there’s always the UQ French Society that you can join! But make sure to mingle with students from other countries as well. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get used to living in Brisbane and studying at UQ.

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