Elisabeth Austrheim, Norway


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Hi, my name is Elisabeth and I'm studying abroad at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study in Australia, and specifically at UQ?
I always wanted to study in Australia. I've just always had an interest in the country.

At first, I felt that six months would be sufficient, but after three months I realized that I needed to stay six more. I chose UQ and Brisbane because Australia, to me, isn't just the big cities.

What I have always associated with Australia is the incredible nature. I knew that I needed to study somewhere where nature meets the city, and after looking at some photos, I understood that Brisbane (and UQ) was where I wanted to go.

Are there any services/facilities at UQ that you found to be particularly useful?
UQ Rentals made life so much easier when my friends and I were looking for places to stay when we got here. The same goes to Flatmates. Student Services also helped us, when we were lost at UQ during the first week – both when it came to directions and the enrolment process.

What have you learned or discovered through your studies at UQ?
UQ is a great university, and I'm not the only one who thinks that. It ranks highly among other Australian universities and internationally.

I think it will definitely help your CV to study abroad, and that you went to UQ. Personally, my essays have become a lot better. I've learned a lot of skills that I will make use of when I'm writing my assignments.

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