Farah Farhana, Singapore


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Hi, my name is Farah Farhana and I studied a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) majoring in Molecular Biotechnology at The University of Queensland.

Why did UQ stand out to you as a place to study?
I chose UQ because it is a prestigious school and it has achieved the world’s top 10 ranking of best universities (Shanghai Ranking Global Ranking of Universities 2017) for my program.

UQ gives a more enriching learning experience, which provides more hands-on activities and independent learning. The research culture and focus in the University is top-notch. I was able to obtain a world class education from the professors and lecturers.

I was also able to take part in quality research and acquire the appropriate skills for my area of study.

Why do you think that international students should choose to study at UQ?
By studying at UQ, you would be able to gain knowledge and skills from one of the best universities in Australia.

There is a strong support system for international students in UQ, thus you would be able to capitalise on the opportunities here to succeed. The opportunities and experiences here will hone the skills you need to stand out from the rest.

Did you join any of UQ’s student societies?
I joined the UQ Singapore Student Society. This allows me to help other fellow Singaporeans who just arrived in Brisbane to forge friendships with other Singaporeans like them.

Some of the activities we do at the society include road trips, BBQ dinners and National Day celebrations.

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