Hayin Chung, Korea


Hi, my name is Hayin and I studied at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Hayin and I studied a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

I completed my secondary schooling at a high school in Queensland and I have wanted to be a vet since Year 10. I decided to attend UQ because it offered a comprehensive program in my field of interest, veterinary science.

UQ’s great selection of student societies and activities was an aspect of university life that also appealed to me.  

What have you been able to achieve as a result of studying at UQ?

Despite some similarities between studying in Korea and Australia, my decision to do my university studies in Australia provided a really unique experience.

It pushed me out of my “safe zone”, allowing me to experience life on my own two feet within a completely different culture. It also improved my English language skills.

Even though I occasionally feel homesick, I’ve adjusted to life in Queensland quite well and made many new friends. My time in Australia has been a challenging yet rewarding experience, so it was an easy decision to continue my studies in Queensland, at UQ in particular.

As an international student, I’ve learned to compete with myself, not with other people – and this has helped me deal with pressure a lot more easily.

How would you describe your UQ study experience?

My UQ experience has been very positive so far. I’ve found the lecturers and other university staff, as well as my fellow students, to be very friendly and helpful. I love the flexibility of the class schedules, which allows me to organise my timetable to suit my individual situation.

And my program is a lot more practical than I’d imagined – this has been a highlight. I’ve gained many experiences in the “real world” with people such as graduates, farmers, city vets, etc.

I think the high level of practical work involved in the degree program is what makes UQ a top global university. The practical aspects of my program have enhanced my learning experience because it helps students with different learning styles.

I’m a visual person, and by actually doing something, I can remember it easily. When I’m not busy studying, I’m involved with the Korean International Student Society (KISS), and I’ve been able to make many friends, which has helped me feel more at home.

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