Jin Fu, China


Hi, my name is Jin and I studied at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Jin and I studied a Master of Social Work Studies at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

Australian universities have a great reputation around the world and UQ is one of the top eight universities in Australia.

The program I applied for was a Master of Social Work Studies and I found it to be well designed, with two semester placements and professional recognition from the Australian Association of Social Workers – this all attracted me to study at UQ.
What did you like most about living in Brisbane?

In Brisbane there were nice people and a beautiful community environment with wide and clean streets. The trees and flowers along the street were so beautiful, like living in a fairy tale. Australia is a multicultural country and this is reflected in the UQ campus – everybody is accepted here.

Australian people are very earnest too. The teachers work hard to make every class productive, the placement supervisors try their best to give students learning opportunities, and the employers (at my part-time job) helped me with my job. The wages were good too.

The spirit of the Australian people made me believe that if you work hard, you’ll find your way in Australia, no matter where you are from.
What were the best things about your program at UQ?

The placement opportunity was the best experience – it enabled me to put learning into practice, gain first-hand experiences working as a real staff member, speak English all day long, and see the outcomes of my work.  

I undertook my first placement in the Prince Charles Hospital and then in two different NGO settings – Blue Care Allied Health and Refugee Claimants Support Centre. In my second semester I was given the Executive Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement.
What have you been able to achieve as a result of studying at UQ?

I achieved many things from my time at UQ – I made wonderful memories and friends, discovered the spirit of working hard, the skills of social work, the experience of living overseas.

I also achieved better English ability, a widely-recognised degree, the opportunity to undertake real social work, and the ability to knock down the door of employment. Thank you UQ!

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