Kar Hou Ng, Malaysia


Kar Hou happily posing in front of a fence
Hi, my name is Kar Hou and I'm studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) majoring in Plant Science at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?
I joined UQ, similar to a lot of international students, because it is one of the top ranked universities in Australia and also the world.

I believe the credibility and quality of a UQ certification can help me gain useful knowledge and experiences and earn a better place in my future career.

In addition, UQ also provides the most comprehensive study program over other universities. There are a wide range of subjects available at UQ that I can choose from to customise my own program of study.

As a student in the Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) program, majoring in Plant Science, I can undertake courses in cropping, horticulture, pasture, livestock, laboratory, research, extension services, agriculture history, economics, and entrepreneurship.

While living near UQ’s Gatton campus, what have you enjoyed or discovered?
I really feel “at home” while living in Gatton. Firstly, I met many very polite and helpful Australians who have helped me settle in.

Secondly, the local Lockyer Valley Multicultural Association in Gatton really contributed tremendous amounts of effort in helping international personnel in Gatton, including international students, backpackers and other non-English speakers in the town.

They hold English class every Tuesday where you can see large amounts of international students and backpackers mixing and learning English. They also organize a lot of multicultural events, bible study and legal aid to protect the rights and safety of international visitors.

What unique experiences have you had as part of your studies?
I took a course that required study of agriculture development in a tropical country. UQ fully funded all students in the course to go to Thailand, generously paid for air-tickets, hotels, transports, and food. UQ does an amazing job here helping students get the most from their courses.

I also undertook an internship on my own during summer semester break. I had my internship in the largest organic enterprise in Malaysia, named ZenXin organic farm. I received the approval to join promptly by the company after indicating that I was a student from The University of Queensland.

These memories will definitely stay with me in my entire life, thanks to the reputation of UQ that helped me earn a place there.

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