Maritza Valois, Colombia


Hi, my name is Maritza and I studied at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Maritza and I studied a Master of Laws at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

The international prestige that characterises UQ is undeniable, and the curriculum offered by the program I’m currently undertaking is multidisciplinary.

It covers the most important areas of law, in conjunction with areas that are of particular relevance to my career interests – constitutional and criminal law.
What are the best things about your program and about UQ?

The best thing about the Master of Laws is that it has a wide range of study areas to choose from and also has an introductory course to Common Law, which has been very helpful coming from a civil law background.

UQ’s St Lucia campus is absolutely beautiful and has so many resources to maximise students’ ability to reach their potential. The support staff network is also extremely useful in assisting students with their studies if they’re having difficulties.
What did you like most about living in Brisbane?

The thing I liked most about Brisbane is it’s a quiet city but at the same time you can find everything you need. I like how clean and organised the city is with many different options for public transport.

Brisbane is so multicultural with people from many different countries and that makes the city very tolerant and welcoming.
How did your UQ study experience empower you to create change?

My UQ study experience has been invaluable – I’ve learned a lot, not just in academic terms, but I’ve also grown personally by undertaking studies in another country, in a second language and under a new teaching methodology.

All of the lecturers are really knowledgeable and approachable, and being surrounded by students from both Australia and other countries creates a good class environment with a mixture of personalities and ideas.

My UQ experience will help me create change in the Colombian public system, an area I feel needs significant improvement.
What advice would you give to students from your home country who are considering UQ as their study destination?

I would advise future students not to hesitate to study at UQ – it’s definitely a smart decision that they won’t regret. I’d also advise them to carefully read the master's programs and choose the subjects that best suit their interests.

I’d also advise them to make use of all of the resources the University offers, such as personal consultations with lectures and assistance from the library team, to make their studies easier.

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