Matthew Khong, Singapore


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Hi, my name is Matthew and I studied a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in International Business at The University of Queensland.

Why were you interested in studying in Australia, and specifically, at UQ?
Australia is well known for its wide range of education offerings and its quality of education based on the worldwide ranking.

I applied for a few other Australian universities which I got into, but I fell in love with Brisbane after visiting some friends studying at UQ before I was enrolled.

What was your experience of UQ lecturers and teachers?
There are many distinctive positive traits and a culture that the educators at UQ possess. These include a high level of passion and willingness of the lecturers and tutors to engage students above and beyond expectations.

One of the things that I appreciated, and felt was unique and important, was the fact that I was taught by an international and diverse group of staff. This was particularly helpful in broadening my horizons and perspectives towards certain subjects for my program, given my major in international business.

UQ is a diverse university and an environment that allows you to learn not just from the textbooks, but also from your peers, which is equally important.

What research opportunities did you engage with while studying?
I undertook a summer research program with Professor Robert Faff, Director of Research at the UQ Business School, which gave me insight into what academic research was all about.

It spurred me on to pursue the honours program I am currently enrolled in, so I can continue to develop my skills and knowledge even after graduation.

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