Michael Wynn, Singapore


Michael standing in the Great Court after graduating from UQ
Hi, my name is Michael and I studied a Bachelor of Economics at The University of Queensland.

Was living in Queensland what you expected?
Queensland has always been regarded as one of the best places to be, and it truly is.

The change in lifestyle from a Singapore city life to a more laid-back one, the diversity of peoples and cultures, and the safety and reputation of The University of Queensland have all been influencing factors that made me decide to undertake my undergraduate studies here.

Brisbane has the friendliest bunch of people, so it is easier for us international students to make friends and integrate. The city is beautiful and inspires a healthy lifestyle. There have been many times I have found myself jogging after school to admire the scenic views Brisbane offers.

How did you find the course content in your program?
I believe UQ is one of the few universities that has successfully struck a balance between a practical-based approach to learning through econometrics and a theoretical-based approach.

The School of Economics is also consistently revising its courses to ensure they are up-to-date, especially with the emergence of Behavioural Economics.

Has your time at UQ allowed you to develop skills outside of academia?
While academic performance is important, it is also equally as important to be a critical thinker and an effective communicator.

There is only so much academic performance can do in landing us that first interview opportunity. It is the soft skills that will carry us forward in our desired career paths. UQ has provided me with that humbling experience.

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