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Hi, my name is Nias Peng and I studied a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Microbiology at The University of Queensland.

What affected your decision to study at UQ?
Australia has been a renowned provider of quality tertiary and vocational education in recent decades. Located in sunny Brisbane, The University of Queensland (UQ) was a perfect choice for me.

The climate of Brisbane is similar to my tropical home country of Singapore, making my adaptation process into a new country and city much more effortless.

Additionally, UQ has won more Australian Awards for university teaching than any other university, indicative of the University's dedication to empowering students with transferable knowledge and skills that will prepare them to excel in their careers.

Have you had any favourite courses at UQ?
Undertaking ‘Introduction to Research‘ courses (SCIE3260 and SCIE3261) was the best way to expose myself to the ground-breaking research being performed at UQ.

I highly recommend current students to enrol in these courses to be part of an experience that will translate to practical solutions for numerous problems the world is currently facing. This includes global warming, antibiotic resistance and emerging infectious diseases.

How has your study at UQ helped to advance your career?
From my studies at UQ, I've not only achieved academic excellence but also gained the above-mentioned traits that will set me apart from graduates coming from other universities.

I've received PhD offers from numerous other universities as a direct result and I am thankful for my time at UQ that provided me with these well sought-after skills.

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