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Renee Nicole Yun Wen Ng, Singapore


Hi, my name is Renee Nicole and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at UQ.
Hi, my name is Renee Nicole and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at UQ.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

I chose to study in Australia and specifically at UQ was because of all the good things I heard from friends who were here before me - they had nothing bad to say of UQ at all!

In terms of academic standing, UQ also gives me an advantage as it is a university ranked top 50 in the world.

Is studying in Australia what you expected it to be?

Studying in Australia was much better than expected. Everyone at UQ is friendly and helpful, which definitely made learning a much more enjoyable journey. UQ gave me a home away from home.

What would you like to do after graduation and what skills have you gained from your program which will allow you to pursue your goal?

My honours program allowed me to realise my interest in the field of research, particularly in projects that are related to medical microbiology.

Throughout the program, I gained not only theoretical knowledge but also learned many practical laboratory techniques (e.g. molecular techniques, proteomics, bioinformatics) that would definitely help in pursuing my goals.

Other than classroom learning experience, I had also the privilege to have gained life skills. These are skills which are gained at UQ that I will never forget.

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