Sathish Kumar Subramanian, India


Hi, my name is Sathish and I studied at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Sathish and I studied a Master of Business at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

Although there are several reasons for choosing UQ, my key reasons are:

  • The program structure is relevant to the market needs and made real time learning possible.
  • The faculty teaching the courses have industry experience and a strong academic background.
  • UQ as a whole is focused on making the student experience exciting and enjoyable.
  • It places student safety at the forefront and staff are extremely friendly and helpful.
  • UQ has a culturally diverse student body. This further enhances the learning experience by creating the opportunity to be exposed to a diverse range of thoughts fuelled by varying perceptions.
  • UQ's infrastructure is one of the finest, and the combination of brick and mortar with technology makes the learning experience worthwhile.

What are the best things about your program and about UQ?

The main reason I joined UQ's Master of Business program was because of its market relevant course structure. From my first semester at UQ, I have been completely engaged and learned a lot.

The right mix of theory and application makes it easy to learn the concepts in this program, which has helped me land my first marketing internship in Australia.

The focus is on application of concepts through engaging assignments. In addition, the faculty take every opportunity possible to create value, especially by bringing in industry experts.

The faculty are very helpful, and always try to ensure that students understand the concepts and answer all the course relevant questions.

What have you liked most about living in Brisbane?

After a year in Brisbane, I can truly call it home away from home. Despite being smaller than Sydney or Melbourne, Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia.

The best part of Brisbane is its pleasant weather, coupled with the city being built near the river. The people also are very helpful and friendly.

How would you describe your UQ study experience? 

Joining UQ was a good decision. The courses are structured in a fashion that not only stimulates thinking, but also maximizes learning. The assessments enable us to put theory to practice, and in some cases in real businesses.

I have gained knowledge and skills to set myself apart in the marketplace. 

What are your future career aspirations?

Having worked for nearly two years as a marketing executive, and gaining acumen in the area of brand management and digital marketing, my career aspiration is to be involved in the area of brand management strategy.

Have you undertaken any work experience or received an internship?

I am placed as an intern at RecruitLoop, through the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law’s Student Employability Team (BEL SET) Student Work Experience Program.

The role is both dynamic and engaging. Apart from managing a few digital platforms already in place, I am involved with creating digital content, and developing digital marketing strategies.

The experience gained can easily be transferred to my future opportunities. I am thankful to BEL SET for making this possible.

What advice would you give to students from your home country who are considering UQ as their study destination?

UQ is a University dedicated to providing higher learning accompanied by real world experience. Speaking from experience, I can vouch for that. Choosing UQ to pursue my Masters was a wise decision.

The courses are very stimulating and after two semesters, I can confidently say I am better off. The knowledge that I gained and skills that I am now equipped with as a result of the courses I took in the first two semesters have added value to my resume. UQ has delivered on its promise and more.

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