Shehenaz Ismail, Maldives


Hi, my name is Shehenaz and I studied at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Shehenaz and I studied a Master of Counselling at The University of Queensland.

What was your main motivation to study your degree?

I had been working in the field of drug addiction in the Maldives and this work made me realise that I had to learn more so I could help my clients achieve their goals. After pursuing a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), I made a decision that I would choose the field of counselling.
Why did you choose UQ?

The program offered at UQ – Master of Counselling – had all the courses I was looking for to become a competent counsellor. So I followed my passion to help people in need, and this passion helped me identify my goals.
What did you enjoy most about studying at UQ?

The diversity UQ offered was the best and most enjoyable aspect of my study at UQ. Making connections with people from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds also broadened my horizons.

The challenging assignments and the practical work I had to do were also great. The field placements helped me to develop my knowledge in counselling and taught me more about the country.
What was the best thing about living in Brisbane?

Brisbane is a beautiful, safe city. At any time of the day or night I could walk to my campus and enjoy the library facilities or just take a walk. The city also provided a variety of shopping, food and entertainment opportunities. 
Would you recommend your degree at UQ to others?

For anyone hoping to become a competent counsellor, UQ’s Master of Counselling is the best program.

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