Shi Liy Reenie Chin, Singapore


Hi, my name is Shi Liy Reenie and I'm studying at The University of Queensland.
Hi, my name is Shi Liy Reenie and I'm studying a Bachelor of Science at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at UQ? 

I chose UQ as it’s internationally renowned for its highly awarded teaching staff and world-class research facilities. UQ also gave me credit exemptions, enabling me to complete my course in 1.5 years.

What were your first impressions of Brisbane and how has this changed over time?

My first impression of Brisbane was that the people here are very friendly and, over time, I realised that it is part of the culture that people thank the bus driver when boarding the bus.

They also start a conversation by asking, ‘How’s your day?’ when you pay at the cashier. These are things that can make your day better.

What are the best things about your program at UQ? 

Lecturers at UQ are all very well organised and the materials provided for the lectures are helpful. As an undergraduate, there are ample opportunities to take part in research, including during courses. This is a good way to experience what doing research in a professional setting is all about.

I took part in two substantial research projects through my 1.5 years of study in UQ. The lecturers and academic staff were very helpful and took good care of me. Being able to take part in a small section of research at UQ has provided me with opportunities to learn a lot of skills that I would not have learned during lectures. 

What has been a highlight of your studies?

Excelling in my studies has enabled me to receive a Dean’s Commendation in my first semester of study at UQ. Majoring in chemistry at UQ has given me many hands-on experiences in laboratories.

I also enjoyed the flexibility to decide which classes I wanted to attend from a variety of course choices. The freedom to choose my courses has even enabled me to take a Korean language class as an elective. 

Do you have any advice for students from your country who are thinking about studying Science at UQ?

Don’t be afraid of uncertainties you may face. Embrace the life of an international student and you will definitely be rewarded with wonderful experiences. 

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