Soe San Ktike, Myanmar


Soe San Kitke smiling at the Great Court
Hi, my name is Soe San Ktike and I’m studying Medicine at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose The University of Queensland?
The biggest deciding factor was the unique and flexible nature of the degree structure.

I have always wanted to become a doctor, but I was also passionate about social sciences. In UQ, I was able to self-design and plan out this path.

For my undergraduate years, I took triple majors in the social sciences and pre-medicine science subjects. During my honours year, I was given the opportunity to conduct a primary research project in the medical/health sociology area.

This particular combination prepared me well for the entry into graduate medicine.

Tell us about your experience at UQ and in Brisbane.
The learning environment has been constantly stimulating and inspiring. Access to the plethora of high-quality resources opens up so many doors for endless exploration in the subject areas of our interests.

Brisbane’s relaxed atmosphere and the friendly locals make it a very balanced place to live in and study. Its prime location in Queensland is also a huge plus for travel and outdoor activities.

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