Wen Hui Tan (Tiffany), Malaysia


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Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm studying a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Queensland.

What made you consider studying at UQ?
Initially, my plan was to complete my bachelor degree at HELP University in Malaysia.

However, after discovering that UQ offers scholarships and is one of the prestigious universities in the world, I decided to set my focus and work on achieving the criteria to be eligible for a scholarship to study here.

During 2016, I was awarded the UQ-HELP Undergraduate Scholarship as well as the HELP-UQ Bursary as the first recipient.

I am deeply grateful, as these scholarships have lightened so much of my parents’ financial burden. This will definitely be one of my greatest achievements in life and inspire me to achieve even more.

In addition, I also believe that an Australian degree qualification will put me in a better position to get a decent job. I will be able to compete with many other highly qualified graduates in the workforce.

Have you undertaken any internships while studying?
I have undertaken an internship under Ernst and Young’s (EY) Summer Internship Program in Malaysia. I was working as an intern for EY’s Advisory Department.

It was a really fruitful and eye-opening experience where I not only experienced how working life was, but also met and learned to communicate with people of different backgrounds and expertise.

What advice would you give people from other countries about studying at UQ?
The world is getting borderless now, especially in communication and connectivity. However, in my opinion, you just have to experience it personally.

My advice is to just follow your dream and grab the very first opportunity open to you in one of the world’s most reputable education institutions.

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