MicroMasters Programs

MicroMasters Programs

What is a MicroMasters® program?

UQx's MicroMasters® programs are a series of postgraduate level courses designed to advance your career by providing deep learning in specific career fields. They are recognised by employers for their real job relevance.

These programs also open the door to further postgraduate study. Having earned a MicroMasters® credential, you can apply to UQ to pursue an accelerated and less expensive master's degree.

Why a MicroMasters program?

Undertake intensive study designed to provide the skills employers are looking for

Our programs are taught by leading
academics and industry experts

Flexible online study allows you to
complete courses at your own pace

Enrol in and audit our open
access courses for free

Advance your career

Find a program that will support your professional development

Learn how to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a low carbon energy system to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.
Gain the advanced skills that international development agencies are increasingly demanding from their leaders and managers.
Advance your career by deepening your knowledge of how to effectively lead complex, modern organisations.
Acquire the knowledge to apply state-of-the-art methods that foster innovation and sustainable growth in your organisation.