Non-school leavers

Non-school leavers

New things await

If you've never studied at uni before, or you're returning to undergraduate study after a long break – welcome!

No matter your age or previous education, returning to study isn’t as hard or intimidating as you might think. If you have the ambition, we’ll help you achieve your goals. 

Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started at UQ, from considering your study options to learning more about where a degree can take your career. You’ll be on your way in no time. 

Undergraduate Study Guide 2019

Explore your options

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Make the most of your experience

Options are available to help you maximise your previous academic, professional and life experience

Applicants with previous higher education study

Previous higher education study

Have you already completed some tertiary study? You may be eligible to transfer credit from your previous studies and use it towards a UQ program. 

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Applicants with TAFE study

Applicants with TAFE study

UQ has a formal articulation agreement with TAFE QLD, which means you may be able to use your TAFE qualification to receive credit toward a UQ program. 

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Applicants with life and work experience

Life and work experience

If you don’t have any formal academic qualifications, your professional experience and qualifications may be able to help you gain entry to a UQ program. 

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Open to all ages, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pathway provides support for undergraduate and Doctor of Medicine (provisional and direct entry) applicants.

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Applying to UQ

We'll walk you through everything you need to know about applying to UQ

Things to consider

Settle in to life at UQ by learning about adjusting to uni life and more

Learn to see the potential of the world. Gain the knowledge to make it better. 

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