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No one knows what’s around the corner.

In this new world of constant curveballs, success will rely on the power of the mind to navigate change, rather than chasing technology.

What matters most will be a creative approach to problem-solving
- a philosophy that UQ was built upon.

Making bikes big business

Discover how Jen Geale, co-founder of Mountain Bikes Direct, overcame technological change and competitive pressure to become one of 2018’s Top 50 people in eCommerce.


Navigating professional life is something that might seem like second nature to Jen Geale, UQ alumnus and co-founder of award-winning online retailer Mountain Bikes Direct. But she’s the first to admit that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

"Technology is a challenge. Because it changes so fast, it’s rare that we ‘know’ exactly what we are doing. In these cases, succeeding is about your capacity to learn new things and bring them quickly into your business."

Having navigated a turbulent and ever-evolving environment of changing technology and competitive pressure, Jen credits her time at UQ with equipping her with the skills needed to get where she is today.

"Critical thinking and analysis is at the core of what I do every day, whether I’m making small decisions or huge strategic decisions. And I learned that during my study of economics at UQ."

Since her time at UQ, Jen has built a successful business, launched the Dollars For Dirt community fund, been recognised by the Telstra Business Awards, and been named one of 2018’s Top 50 people in eCommerce.

The intelligence behind artificial intelligence

Explore how Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry and Samuel Irvine Casey have overcome the unknowns of a burgeoning industry to found one of the country’s most exciting AI companies.


Since meeting while studying law at UQ, Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry and Samuel Irvine Casey have gone from strength to strength in what can only be described as a cutthroat professional environment.

"Founding a business is tough. Particularly in the AI space. But the ability to adapt to market conditions, as well as being agile with our business model, has allowed us to grow a business right on the forefront of technology. In fact, the skills of higher-level thinking, problem-solving, and challenging the status quo – which are celebrated at UQ – have been invaluable in our careers to date."

As the driving force behind Max Kelsen and cognitiveCX, one of the country’s most exciting software engineering and artificial intelligence companies, Nicholas and Samuel have worked hard to overcome the unknowns of a completely unchartered industry.

"It is a very different experience to going into an existing company. There is no predefined structure, no-one is providing you with clients to work with or telling you how to do the work."

But the hard work is paying off for the duo, who boast some of Australia’s biggest brands as clients, and have had speaking engagements at IBM’s Global Conference Think 2018.

The art of medicine

Learn how a fresh attitude and a fascinating side project led Lauren Squires to tackle one of the most gruelling courses at UQ.


Lauren Squires is hardly a typical medical student. As part of the first generation in her family to attend university, Lauren had her work cut out for her from the very beginning.

"Pursuing medicine was a big step for me. I had to work exceptionally hard to believe it was even something I could aspire to. I also came from a biomolecular undergrad degree, which didn’t give me any ‘assumed knowledge’. It was a massive learning curve."

But, thanks to one very fascinating creative side project, Lauren has been able to tackle one of the most gruelling courses on offer at UQ in a unique and rewarding way.

"I started painting anatomical designs as a way to help me study, but now I’m selling art all over the world."

Now on the home stretch of her studies, this artist-come-aspiring-doctor is looking to the future armed with a fresh attitude.

"I’m hoping to redefine what it means to be a good doctor. Creative side projects inspire you to think outside the box and bring a fresh attitude and approach to the patients you care for. And UQ will no doubt help me to do that."

Overcome the unknown

We are inspired by those who leap confidently into the unknown. They are the pioneers who challenge convention, set new standards and shift attitudes.

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