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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
Composite image of a student and academic with a spider

Science unknowns explored

Become a future scientist ready to take on the challenges of the unknown.

Are spiders our deadly saviours?

At UQ, we're exploring innovative ways spider venoms may be used, such as treatments for stroke and epilepsy, and even protecting our crops, pesticide-free.

Find out how we're inspiring future scientists to own the unknown.

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Explore your options

In our science programs, you'll learn from world experts, get hands-on experience during placements and work with cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

Combine scientific knowledge with practical skills in this flexible program, which gives you the freedom to find or follow your passion.

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)

Challenge and develop your critical thinking and analytical skills in this elite 4-year program, and prepare yourself for a rewarding career in research and industry.

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Combine theory, specialised training and entrepreneurial skills to join one of the world’s most exciting and creative scientific fields.

Bachelor of Agribusiness

Bachelor of Agribusiness

Prepare yourself for a successful business career in the rapidly changing agricultural industry.

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Gain the expertise to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural practices.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Gain the theoretical and hands-on skills to prepare yourself for a dynamic career in modern medical science.

Go deeper

What could your UQ experience be like? Hear from our current students and staff.

student and lecturer standing together talking

What's it really like to study science at UQ?

What opportunities are there for hands-on experience? What's a typical day like? Get a personal perspective from Jasper, a science student, and Professor Susan Rowland, a lecturer from the Faculty of Science.

Susan Rowland smiling

Get to know Professor Susan Rowland

Professor Susan Rowland is a biochemist with a passion for data. As a lecturer, she's passionate about helping students achieve growth. By designing and implementing experiments, Susan's students gain real-world insight and experience.

Express yourself. And your interest.

They say choosing a degree is hard, which is why we've made it easy. Register your interest in science and we'll send you everything you need to know about applying to UQ.