Public health postgraduate programs

Public health postgraduate programs

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Thinking of studying public health? UQ offers the flexibility of three postgraduate programs that allow you to focus your career development. Choose from six specialisations including Global Health, which explores health in a globalising world. It goes beyond public health disciplines to embrace politics, development, human rights and law, and the political economy.

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Graduate Certificate in Public Health
This program covers the fundamentals. It's suitable for health professionals from a range of backgrounds, and it can lead the way to further study in this area.
Graduate Diploma in Public Health
Combining core and elective courses, this program is ideal for health professionals returning to study. It can also act as a stepping stone to the master's program.
Master of Public Health
This 18-month, globally recognised qualification is the first program in the Asia Pacific region to achieve Curriculum Validation from the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation.

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