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Undergraduate Study Guide 2020

Domestic undergraduate guide 2020

Learn about UQ as a whole, including study options, student life, fees, loans and scholarships, and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 7.8MB)

UQ Guide for Parents

UQ Guide for Parents

This guide is for parents of high school students. It provides an overview of UQ and university in general.

 Download the guide (PDF, 381KB)

Enhanced Studies Program Guide cover

Enhanced Studies Program

Eligible students can complete a UQ course during Year 12. Learn what being a UQ student is like by becoming one.

 Download the guide (PDF, 319KB)

Accommodation Guide cover

Accommodation Guide

Get to know your accommodation options, including residential colleges, off-campus rentals, and other accommodation services. 

 Download the guide (PDF, 502KB)

UQ College Guide

UQ College Student Guide

UQ College offers bridging studies and a tertiary preparation program for students who haven't followed a traditional path from school to uni.

 Download the guide (PDF, 5.3MB)  

Front cover of the Year 10 Student Guide

Year 10 Student Guide

If you're currently in Year 10 and wondering what life is like at UQ – this is the guide for you.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.8MB)

Undergraduate Study Guide 2019

Domestic undergraduate guide 2019

Learn about UQ as a whole, including study options, student life, fees, loans and scholarships, and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 8.7MB)

UQ Scholarships Guide cover

UQ Scholarships Guide 2019

UQ offers a range of academic, sporting and equity scholarships and more than 100 private scholarships are available.

 Download the guide (PDF, 349KB)  

Program Quick Reference Guide cover

2019 Program Quick Reference Guide

This guide provides a quick and handy summary of the entry requirements for all UQ undergraduate programs.

 Download the guide (PDF, 375KB)

UQ Abroad Student Exchange Program Guide

UQ Abroad Guide

Learn how you can study overseas at a partner institution for up to one year while gaining credit towards your UQ degree.

 Download the guide (PDF, 713KB)

International Baccalaureate Student Guide cover

International Baccalaureate Student Guide

Find out about how to apply, your eligibility for credit, and pathways to studying at UQ.

 Download the guide (PDF, 281KB)  

Front cover of the Young Scholars Program guide

UQ Young Scholars Program

Students selected for the YSP are presented with exciting opportunities for academic enrichment.

 Download the guide (PDF, 7.2MB)

HASS UG guide

Arts, Education and Social Sciences Undergraduate Guide

Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Undergraduate Guide 2020

Discover UQ's undergraduate programs in arts, social sciences, education, music, politics, journalism and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 6.6 MB)

BEL PG guide

BEL Postgraduate Guide

Business, Economics and Law Postgraduate Guide 2019

Learn about postgraduate business, economics and law, and view program options, courses, fields of study and admissions information.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.3MB)

Health UG guide 2019

Front cover of 2020 undergraduate health guide

Health, Behavioural Sciences and Medicine Undergraduate Guide 2020

Explore your options and view details about UQ's health and medical programs, including dental science, nursing, psychology, and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 5.7 MB)

Architecture guide 2019

Front cover of the 2019 architecture guide

Architecture Undergraduate and Postgraduate Guide 2019

There's a unique process to becoming a registered architect. This guide explains how UQ prepares you for a successful career as an architect and designer.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.4MB)

BEL UG guide 2019

Front cover of 2020 Undergraduate Business, Economics and Law guide

Business, Economics and Law Undergraduate Guide 2020

Learn about undergraduate business, economics and law at UQ and view program options, majors, admissions information, and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.1 MB)

EAIT UG guide 2019

Front cover of 2020 undergraduate engineering and computing guide

Engineering and Computing, Architecture and Planning Guide 2020

Explore UQ's undergraduate programs in engineering, computer science, and information technology.

 Download the guide (PDF, 6 MB)

Science UG guide 2019

Front cover of 2020 undergraduate science guide

Science, Mathematics, Agriculture and Environment Undergraduate Guide 2020

Learn about the many ways you can study science at UQ, including advanced science, biomedical science, biotechnology, mathematics, and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Health PG guide

Cover image of the UQ Health Postgraduate Guide

Health Postgraduate Guide 2019

Explore your options and view details about UQ's health and medical programs, including courses, fields of study, and entry requirements.

 Download the guide (PDF, 2.2MB)

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