3. Walter Harrison Law Library


Leave through the front entrance of the UQ Art Museum and walk directly ahead on the path. Take the stairs at the end of the path leading up to the Forgan Smith Building. Once inside, turn right and walk into the Walter Harrison Law Library.

Located near the T.C. Beirne School of Law, this library is named after Walter Norwood Leslie Harrison, the Garrick Professor of Law and Dean of the School of Law between 1948 and 1964.

It holds the University's main collection of statutes and law reports from Australia, the UK and selected other jurisdictions. The collection supports teaching and research in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

Catch the elevator (located left of the staircase) to the fourth floor for a spectacular bird's-eye view of the library. You will also be able to view our teaching spaces on this floor.

Another highlight of the law library is the moot court located on level 2 of the library (Ground floor, entrance level). This is where students can practice mock trials. The Queensland Government donated the court's cedar furniture to the Law School in September 1972

 Wheelchair access: When you exit the Art Gallery turn right and use the ramp to enter the Michie Building (Building 9). Go straight through the building until you enter the Great Court cloisters. From here go straight ahead (approximately 60 metres) until you reach a sign for the Walter Harrison Law Library on your left. Enter the library.

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