8. Advanced Engineering Building


Once you have crossed the bridge, walk up the stairs and enter the Advanced Engineering Building.

The Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) delivers practical, active-learning classrooms and laboratories for engineering students and maximises global research opportunities for innovative engineering solutions.

It is uniquely designed to interact with the natural environment to dramatically reduce energy consumption. It is instrumented and monitored in real-time, allowing students to interact and experiment on the building.

The AEB houses the state-of-the-art GHD Auditorium. This 500-seat lecture theatre is supported by large-span timber trusses from mixed hardwoods grown in the Maryborough region.

Once inside walk up the stairs or take the elevator to level 3. From here, you can peek over the side to see the civil engineering workshop space on your left. You will also be able to view state-of-the-art tutorial rooms on your right.

 Wheelchair access: Once you have crossed the bridge, turn right and follow the pathway up the hill. This will lead you to the entrance of the Advanced Engineering Building.

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