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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
VC Professor Deborah Terry

Guarantee your place at UQ in 2022

Uni life
Published 10 Nov, 2021  ·  5 minute read

Dear students,

Year 12 was always going to be a big year, but with the added challenges of a global pandemic, you’ve needed to rely upon your resilience and tenacity to make it through your exams to where you are now. I commend you for your ongoing positivity and perseverance as you charge towards the finish line.

Even though we can see signs of recovery ahead, there are still many unknowns during this time that may affect your choices. We want to offer you the certainty that you need to make the decisions around your future study and career options. For this reason, we’re continuing guaranteed ATAR entry thresholds across most of our programs in 2022, so you know the ATAR needed to gain a position in your chosen program next year.

Secure your 2022 place at UQ this year

We will guarantee you a position in Semester 1 2022 if you select one of our programs as your first QTAC preference and you meet or exceed its published guaranteed ATAR threshold [1]. This guarantee will be assured for offers up to and including the main offer round in January.

A full list of UQ’s undergraduate degree programs and the associated ATAR guarantee threshold (PDF, 165.72 KB) is available.

You will see a small number of programs marked “n/a” on the list. These programs have a limit on the number of places offered, and therefore it is not possible to set an ATAR threshold guarantee for these programs.

We are here to support you

I understand that the process of applying for university can feel daunting. So, I urge you to read the more detailed explanation of how our ATAR threshold guarantee will work.

And, if you want to talk with someone about your options or need some help guiding you through the application process, please contact our Future Students team.

What are my options if I don’t achieve the guaranteed ATAR for my chosen program?

If you don’t achieve the guaranteed ATAR, you should still apply for your preferred program as UQ’s final thresholds will be determined in the January main offer round. The program’s final ATAR threshold may be lower than the guaranteed ATAR threshold so you could still receive an offer.

Our ATAR Advice Event on 19 December is designed specifically to help you understand where your ATAR can take you, and give you options to help you pursue your chosen career path.

The most employable graduates in the state started their journey at UQ

While many things have changed in the face of the pandemic, some things remain true. Our teachers are passionate experts in their field, our graduates are the most employable in the state, and our campuses and facilities are second to none. At UQ, we’re ready to help you prepare for the brighter future that lies ahead.

I wish you all the very best for the remainder of this year, and I hope you will apply to study at UQ in 2022.

Best wishes,


[1]The guaranteed ATAR threshold will also apply to eligible lower preference offers. Entry is subject to you meeting English standards, prerequisites and other entry requirements. The guaranteed ATAR includes adjustment factors which are additional points added to a rank. UQ offers a range of admission schemes to adjust for special circumstances and subject choices.

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