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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
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Meet Cameron from the USA, studying Business in Australia

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Published 20 Jul, 2021  ·  3 minute read

Hi, my name is Cameron Law. I’m from the USA and I’m studying a Master of Business, focusing on International Business, Social Impact and Sustainability, at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study at The University of Queensland?

I chose The University of Queensland so I could pursue my passion for sustainability while also studying international business. UQ has provided me with the avenue to combine both focuses into a dual-majored Master of Business. I believe this educational path will allow me to develop my skills and enrich my professional career.

Man (left) and woman (right) walking.

What do you like best about your program and UQ?

The best thing to me about my UQ program is the professors and teaching staff. They have enriched my time at UQ, providing mentoring within the course material and outside of class. They have guided and supported me through my courses in practical ways in which I know will help me in my future career.

What do you like most about living in Brisbane?

What I like most about living in Brisbane is the layout of the city along the beautiful winding Brisbane River. How the river is utilised adds to its uniqueness and beauty. The lifestyle here really seems to revolve around it – there are so many parks, walking and bike paths, and bars and restaurants along the river. For me specifically, the CityCat ferry and South Bank Parklands are my favourite ways to enjoy the river.

Brisbane River with CityCat Ferry and City in background
Image courtesy of Brisbane Economic Development Agency

How would you describe your UQ study experience?

My UQ study experience has been very enriching and inspiring. The program of Social Impact and Sustainability has ignited a passion in me to create sustainability in the corporate world or government. I'm inspired to create change by realising the power that a smart businessman or woman can have by thinking sustainably. I believe that after my time at UQ, I will be able to inspire others to work towards building more sustainable corporate and government organisations.

Have you been involved in any social activities or extra-curricular activities at UQ?

UQ has many initiatives and programs that help students to develop their employability while studying. I have been a part of the UQ Business School Postgraduate Association (UQ BSPA). Within this club, I was elected as the Executive Council Secretary. I am also involved in the Student Work Experience Program (SWEP) and the Student Mentoring Program.

Woman at desk helping man

What are your future career aspirations?

I have two quite different career aspirations. I am currently working with UQ’s Student Mentoring program to narrow my focus. My first career aspiration is to work for a company that is changing its industry for the better or working towards creating a sustainable company/industry. An example is Tesla Motors and its aspirations to revolutionise the auto industry.

My second career aspiration is to work in my hometown of Sacramento, California, in city or state government. I would like to create future sustainable growth for the city and develop it in a way that looks like Brisbane (a vibrant lifestyle around the river).

Have you undertaken any work experience or received an internship?

The work experience I am currently involved in is with Brisbane City Council. I'm working with the State of Emergency Services to create better business processes that increase response rates and quality. This has been very beneficial for my future career as it has given me an insight into working in a government organisation. In this work experience, I have honed industry-specific skills that I would not have been able to build in a classroom.

I have also taken on some work experience through the SWEP program.

What advice would you give to students from your home country about studying at UQ?

I would advise anyone considering studying at UQ to think no more and commit to this life-changing experience! UQ not only provides a top-tier education and industry connections but also a personal growth experience. By studying overseas, you learn a lot about yourself as you are in an environment that is so much different from home. This may seem frightening, but it will help you grow personally through life experiences and the global connections you will make.

Want to create change in the corporate world like Cameron? Explore the Master of Business today.

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