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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
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What I’ve learnt while studying online

Uni life
Published 30 Nov, 2020  ·  3 minute read

While studying from home, our students have honed time management skills, learned self-motivation and become more agile and independent.

Our students have looked inward to find out more about themselves and how they work best. All of these traits are highly valued in the workforce and enhance employability, as does reflecting and learning from your experiences.

We asked international students studying online to share how they have grown from their experiences.

Kelly from China

Kelly studies the Master of International Economics and Finance. She has become more confident using video meeting software which she feels will benefit her in job interviews and meetings with future employers.

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Rico from Hong Kong

Rico studies the Bachelor of Communication. The most valuable thing he has discovered about himself is how he studies and learns best, and when and how he can accomplish his best work.

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Kranthasi from Malaysia

Kranthasi studies the Bachelor of Communication. Even though she calls herself ‘lazy’, she has realised that she is capable of anything if she pushes herself to achieve, and can switch on her motivation regardless of where she is working.

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Shilpi from India

Shilpi studies the Master of Public Health. Her challenge with studying online is juggling uni work with a full-time job and a family to look after.

Enhanced planning and flexibility has helped her to overcome obstacles. She also appreciates UQ’s career-ready approach to her program.

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Sripurna from India

Sripurna studies the Bachelor of Biomedical Science. She has realised that she can adapt to new situations seamlessly, and has discovered a passion for cooking and singing.

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