UQ from a student perspective

UQ from a student perspective

Hear about life as an international student from those who know it best, and get inspired about your own UQ journey!

Tune in to our webinar series below to watch current international students discuss their experiences, advice and recommendations with their classmates and special guests.

You can also read through our student testimonials to hear from current and past international students as they share their unique and helpful perspectives on living in Australia and studying at UQ.

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Hi, my name is Kranthasi Kabilan. I'll be your host for this series.

My friends call me Kransi. I’m from Malaysia, and I’m currently an international student at UQ studying a Bachelor of Communications.

When I first came to Brisbane last year, I was terrified. A part of me knew that everything was going to be fine, but coming to a different country and living away from my family was scary.

I’ve been at UQ for a little over a year now, and all-in-all, it has been nothing short of amazing! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Episode 1 is coming soon

Stay tuned for Episode 1 coming in May 2019.

Episode 1 – Being an international student in Australia

Starting university as an international student can be intimidating. It can also get pretty hectic as you begin your studies, make new friends and adapt to your surroundings.

In this first episode, Kransi and her classmates provide insight into what it’s like to live in Brisbane and study at UQ.

Listen in as they share their stories and first-hand advice about settling in, how their experiences helped them develop their independence, and what makes Brisbane a great home away from home.

Episode 2 is coming soon

Stay tuned for Episode 2 ;coming in May 2019.

Episode 2 – Enhancing your employability while you study

International students gain a number of relevant skills that will set them apart in the job market, whether you decide to start your career here in Australia or overseas.

In this episode, Kransi and her classmates are joined by Lawrence Casey, UQ Careers Advisor, to discuss the professional prospects international students have to look forward to after graduation.

Find out how UQ’s employability services can help you at every stage of your academic journey, ensuring you finish your program armed with the best chance of achieving your professional goals.

Episode 3 is coming soon

Stay tuned for Episode 3 coming out 7 June 2019.

Episode 3 – Accommodation Options at UQ

Finding a place to call home is an important part of your experience at UQ. Once you have a place to live, you can focus on your studies and all of the other fun stuff!

In this episode, Kransi discusses the different accommodation options available to UQ students with her classmates. She also interviews Tom Langton from UQ Student Services about the support services available to help students find their new home away from home. 

Episode 4 is coming soon

Stay tuned for Episode 4 coming out 5 July 2019.

Episode 4 – Pathways to meet academic and English requirements

If you don't have the required results, subject requirements or skills for your preferred UQ program, there are other ways you can start at UQ.

In this episode, Kransi and Anthony discuss with their guests the different pathway options available for students to meet the academic and English language entry requirements for study at UQ. 

Episode 5 is coming soon

Stay tuned for Episode 5 coming out 9 August 2019.

Episode 5 – Student life at UQ

Choosing to study overseas is a big decision. This is especially true when you’re moving to a country you’ve never been before, and you haven’t been able to visit the university.

In this episode, you’ll hear about life as a student at UQ from those who know it best. Kransi and her classmates Sen and Ellie talk about their experiences and share their recommendations for making the most out of your time at UQ.

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