OP scores and offers


The release of OP scores and university offers can be a time of either excitement or disappointment. Your teen should be proud of their achievements, whether or not they received the OP they were hoping for. They still have plenty of options and opportunities for their future.

OP scores

If your teen didn’t get the OP or entry score they were hoping for, or if they don't meet a program's entry requirements – don’t panic.

An OP or an entry score isn’t the be-all and end-all of gaining admission to university, or a particular UQ program.

We offer a range of pathway options and admission schemes to help your teen achieve their goals. 

If you’re unsure about the right pathway for your teen, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

OP Results Advice Night

After the release of OPs each year, we host an OP Results Advice Night for prospective students.

The night is designed to let your teen discuss their UQ study options after receiving their OP and gives them the opportunity to speak face-to-face with experts from all our study areas. 

Your teen has the option of changing their preferences after attending the advice night. 

How to respond to a QTAC offer

If your teen applied through QTAC, they will need to respond to their offer through QTAC.

Your teen has these options when responding to an offer:

  • Outright accept, defer, or reject.
  • Conditional accept, defer, or reject with no change to preferences.
  • Conditional accept, defer, or reject with change to preferences.

More information about these options and how to respond is available on QTAC’s Offers page.

Deferring and gap years

Recent research has linked gap years with better performance at university.

If you think your teen might benefit from a break between high school and university, we encourage you to consider the option of a gap year and to discuss this with them. 

Your teen has the option of deferring a UQ offer for up to one year. 

More information is available about deferring a QTAC offer

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